Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Senator Obama-Working For You, or Against You?

Sen. Obama claims to be for the working class Joe. Well let us consider this. He refuses to consider using nuclear energy generation, a method that has proven cost effective in Europe. In addition, he has stated that he wants to keep the ban on off-shore oil drilling AND wants to add yet another tax to oil production. Now where exactly do you think that money is going to come from? It' s just like the "free healthcare" which is going to come straight out of workers' paychecks. And get this boys and girls-if passed the way the current liberal Congress wants it configured, workers will pay for illegal immigrants, their children and their families too. Isn't that special? But remember, Senator Obama is doing it for/to you.

Quote from Real Clear Politics

"...Mr. Obama's voting record in the U.S. Senate supports the liberal label. Democratic Rep. David Boren of Oklahoma told the Associated Press this week that Obama was "the most liberal senator," and that his voting record in the Senate "does not reflect working in a bipartisan fashion." A growing number of Americans see it that way, too. Only 47 percent viewed Mr. Obama as a liberal in December, according to the same Rasmussen surveys referenced above - meaning a 20-point climb in just five months. That reality is like fingers scratching a blackboard for the Illinois senator's partisans.

Obama supporters know he can't win if his real political views become widely known, and they are taking pre-emptive steps to bat down that perception. Blogger John Henke writing at noted earlier in the week that one tactic among liberal bloggers will be to pre-emptively deligitimize criticisms of Obama as "racist."

And Americans should care about his ideology. Teamed up with a Democratic Congress, an Obama administration could usher in the most liberal, special-interest dominated period in American history. Power will shift to Washington as labor lobbyists, trial lawyers and environmental activists will have a heyday pulling all the levers of power.

There is no evidence that Mr. Obama would move to the center on any of his policies. We certainly don't hear about it in his campaign rhetoric. We hear about "change" and vague references to bringing people together, but there's no substance to back up the talk. Presumably, Mr. Obama will bring people together, as long as they all end up agreeing with him. So he's really offering a kinder, gentler way of getting rolled..."

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