Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mark My Words

Now that the dust is settling and the markets are dropping, what happens next? I predicted that Soros and his buddies were waiting for the election to make their magical candidate appear truly holy by raising the market. I may have been wrong by a couple of months. In spite of the fact that a down market could cost millions of people their jobs, I think there are investors who are sitting on piles of money waiting for bargains. And they are also waiting to see how much they can enhance their positions after bailouts have been allotted. This, of course, is just more in the same serious of manipulations that got Obama in the White House. The media is in his corner. As an American, I hope he's right and I am wrong. I hope he pulls us out of this mess. But as a conservative, I see more appeasement of unions, more government programs designed to transfer wealth and a climat that is downright unhealthy for the growing of companies and job situations. As someone whose husband has just been laid off, I am concerned that this may be for the long haul. So what's Obama going to do to keep out of work Boomers from starving in the streets?