Thursday, July 24, 2008

Run Away, Run Away

The drumbeats are persistent across the nation
"Drill, Drill, Drill", they cry as the price of gas reaches uncomfortable levels. But Congress, with it's prevalent mode of governing being of the extremely liberal persuasion, instead decides to take a break rather than resolve the gas crisis in a fashion that would lower fuel prices because it flies in the face of the radical Green monsters of their party. You remember them, the same folks who are demanding environmental impact statements on everything from paper cups to napkins.

Currently Democrats are on the record as opposing:
Domestic oil drilling
Use of coal and maintenance of coal fired plants.
Hydroelectric plants
Nuclear plants

That leaves us floundering around with technology that is simply not sustainable or ready for use. Look at Pickens wind generators. Sure, it can be part of a solution, but wind is variable and we don't currently have transmission or storage capability. Plus it's a sure thing that being a major immigration flyway in the Texas panhandle, PETA will stop construction. What are we to do? We could drill and refine oil for the immediate future with the idea of using that until other methods are ready, but the Democrat Congress under the dubious leadership of Reid and Pelosi would rather run away than make any substantive decisions. They had better hope that this isn't a cold autumn up north, because if Republicans are smart, they will throw this issue right into the Democrats' laps.
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