Saturday, June 21, 2008

Mean What You Say Part Deux

The article I am linking below has more to do with the presidential election than with Congressional grandstanding per se, however, it does discuss how the Democrat party as a whole has embraced the idea of pulling out of Iraq REGARDLESS of current success or the power vacuum that could ensue if we precipitously remove our military from that region. That, boys and girls, is EXACTLY what Obama and his supporters are proposing to do. And in order to stay on message, they are picking and choosing what information they will acknowledge and what information they will ignore. That's a pretty risky policy for people who claim to know what they are doing in regards to national security. And while the presidency is the head of the ticket issue, there are down ticket defenders of these policies that have blind allegiance for what is increasingly becoming nothing more than a western wing of the Green (World Workers') Party. Just look at their platform if you don't believe me. And frankly, when even the Washington Post, no bastion of conservatism there, starts to question Obama and his party's motives, there is smoke. Remember-where there's smoke......
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Friday, June 20, 2008

Scandal Brewing OR Who's Under the Bus This Week?

The media has given a free pass to the Democrats by and large because the president and Republicans in general were a more popular target for venom and ridicule. So here we have this economic situation fueled largely by dropping dollars from the mortgage "crisis" (did you ever notice how every liberal issue is a "crisis"?) Anyway, where is the outcry in the media about these stories? They go very high up in the DNC echelon and hardly anyone is giving them page one treatment. Where's the angst folks? Where's the accusations and calls for censure? Pay special attention to the very close alliance between current and former Countrywide executives and the Obama campaign. Heck, one of them is vetting potential VP candidates. *pensive" Do you think that the views potential candidates have toward litigation of the folks involved with subprime loans will play into who is chosen? Just wondering
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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say

So the Democrat party is against the war in Iraq. They want the troops home yesterday. I must admit I wish they didn' t have to be over there.
If you don't want the war to continue, should you be supporting a war funding bill? Or is this just another sham political move to make Democrats appear less wimpy when November rolls around? This is the problem. Congress has been Democrat controlled for the last two years nearly. They had the bully pulpit, they had the ability to override, to control committees to write sweeping legislation. So why haven't they? There's no sense in waiting to enact their agenda
They are sorely afraid that revealing the depth of their contempt for the Bill of Rights and the Constitution will scuttle "someone's' carefully constructed campaign.
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Congress and Mortgage Fraud

People pointed fingers at the White House for this mess, but in reality, it was mortgage brokers playing fast and loose with the facts. They didn't ask for income, they inflated evaluations, they flipped properties to make profits. You saw the infomercials on TV. You saw the stories about folks who bought homes in Florida for $45,000 and sold them for five times that. The bubble had to burst sometime. And the people who bought into it were left holding the bag. If I see one more story about people making less than my family does crying crocodile tears about how they can't pay for their $$300K mortgage, I will go nuts. And what is worse, Congress wants to make this into a situation where there were all these "victims". There may be some stooges out there who bought homes without reading the contract, but at that point, aren't we supposed to be ADULTS? Congress wants the rest of us to pay for the overreaching greed of a few of us. Isn't it about time that grown-ups take care of their own business?
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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Senator Obama-Working For You, or Against You?

Sen. Obama claims to be for the working class Joe. Well let us consider this. He refuses to consider using nuclear energy generation, a method that has proven cost effective in Europe. In addition, he has stated that he wants to keep the ban on off-shore oil drilling AND wants to add yet another tax to oil production. Now where exactly do you think that money is going to come from? It' s just like the "free healthcare" which is going to come straight out of workers' paychecks. And get this boys and girls-if passed the way the current liberal Congress wants it configured, workers will pay for illegal immigrants, their children and their families too. Isn't that special? But remember, Senator Obama is doing it for/to you.

Quote from Real Clear Politics

"...Mr. Obama's voting record in the U.S. Senate supports the liberal label. Democratic Rep. David Boren of Oklahoma told the Associated Press this week that Obama was "the most liberal senator," and that his voting record in the Senate "does not reflect working in a bipartisan fashion." A growing number of Americans see it that way, too. Only 47 percent viewed Mr. Obama as a liberal in December, according to the same Rasmussen surveys referenced above - meaning a 20-point climb in just five months. That reality is like fingers scratching a blackboard for the Illinois senator's partisans.

Obama supporters know he can't win if his real political views become widely known, and they are taking pre-emptive steps to bat down that perception. Blogger John Henke writing at noted earlier in the week that one tactic among liberal bloggers will be to pre-emptively deligitimize criticisms of Obama as "racist."

And Americans should care about his ideology. Teamed up with a Democratic Congress, an Obama administration could usher in the most liberal, special-interest dominated period in American history. Power will shift to Washington as labor lobbyists, trial lawyers and environmental activists will have a heyday pulling all the levers of power.

There is no evidence that Mr. Obama would move to the center on any of his policies. We certainly don't hear about it in his campaign rhetoric. We hear about "change" and vague references to bringing people together, but there's no substance to back up the talk. Presumably, Mr. Obama will bring people together, as long as they all end up agreeing with him. So he's really offering a kinder, gentler way of getting rolled..."