Saturday, June 21, 2008

Mean What You Say Part Deux

The article I am linking below has more to do with the presidential election than with Congressional grandstanding per se, however, it does discuss how the Democrat party as a whole has embraced the idea of pulling out of Iraq REGARDLESS of current success or the power vacuum that could ensue if we precipitously remove our military from that region. That, boys and girls, is EXACTLY what Obama and his supporters are proposing to do. And in order to stay on message, they are picking and choosing what information they will acknowledge and what information they will ignore. That's a pretty risky policy for people who claim to know what they are doing in regards to national security. And while the presidency is the head of the ticket issue, there are down ticket defenders of these policies that have blind allegiance for what is increasingly becoming nothing more than a western wing of the Green (World Workers') Party. Just look at their platform if you don't believe me. And frankly, when even the Washington Post, no bastion of conservatism there, starts to question Obama and his party's motives, there is smoke. Remember-where there's smoke......
Story here.
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