Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sharing the Blame: Both Sides of Congress Creating the Fuel Crisis

For a long time it's been the norm to blame Big Oil for rising gas prices. But Congress has created much of the problem with their incessant pandering to special interest groups. The Democrats have the Environmental Lobby, that blocks nuclear use, coal use and off shoring or ANWR drilling for domestic crude. The Republicans aren't willing to set meaningful limits on fuel consumption or to subsidize individual access to alternative power. So here's why I think they all need to go!

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"...The Democrats have an obvious motive for their denial of Econ 101 reality: They are so beholden to the environmental lobby that they can't advocate increased domestic oil and natural gas production.

To save the planet from global warming, the greens want to end mankind's use of fossil fuels, so they oppose drilling for natural gas offshore, for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and exploiting America's vast coal reserves. And Democrats obey, as do some Republicans, recently including Sen. John McCain (Ariz.).

The greens for years have also blocked new nuclear plants, although some have changed their tune because nuclear is carbon-free. Most Democrats remain opposed, while Obama is wishy-washy on the subject. McCain, to his credit, favors nuclear and always has...."

Monday, June 30, 2008

Shutting Down the Opposition

One of our basic freedoms is that of free speech. While I may not like what you say, and you may not like what I say, we are entitled to state our relative opinions publicly. So imagine this, it seems that Google has decided to weigh in by allowing an organized effort to shut down websites that oppose Barak Obama. Now granted, I don't think websites that slander or spread spam should be allowed to function, but there are people out here, like ME, who don't think this man is ready for the White House and I will continue to bring up the various doubts about his qualifications along with some of the other questionable candidates we are offered this year. People, you should be VERY ALARMED about this because this means that you are getting filtered news. And filtered news could be arranged to make sure you only see one point of view.
Anti-Obama Blogsites Shut Down