Friday, June 13, 2008

Here's One Example

Story here.
As designed by our founders, the Constitution was intended to provide for checks and balances to prevent a royal presidency. What has happened is that all branches of government have begun to lobby and create legislation, even though that is the job of Congress. This is a vivid demonstration of why votes can count to create decisions. Supreme Court Justices are appointed by the president, upon approval of Congress. That in itself sets up some dicey political situations, since in order to win approval, the nominee must either be of the same party or must pander to the ideals of the other party. There's a pretty long list of experienced jurists denied positions based on the petty babbling of Congressional subcommittees. There's also a good deal of evidence that the more affluent a member of the Supreme Court becomes, the more liberal their rulings become. It's a sort of "let them eat cake" attitude since we know that with such power comes the ability to avoid having to be subjected to the results of legislation from the bench.


texasgal2 said...

This is something that has angered me for so long about our elected officials.

I haven't voted for an incumbent in the past 5 elections.

The House and Congress needs term limits as the President has. Something Congress will never approve of, so it is up to the people of this great nation to wake up and see what those in "Power" are doing to this country and more importantly what they are doing to the people of this country.
Vote them out! We are their employers and like any employee who is doing a substandard job the employer has the right to fire them.

Ellen K said...

Absolutely. We have people who go to Ivy League schools, do Congressional internships and then head right into office. What in the world does someone like that know about the price of corn in Iowa?

Plan "B" For America said...

I completely agree with both of you. To much power is at their disposale and it is abused everyday. Karl Rove is a very good example of that. They should definitely be monitored a lot closer than what they are. The ironic thing is you would think you have to be strong in order to be in office, but yet we have so many weak individuals elected into office. Not a single person is standing up for their states or our country. There are to many sheople instead of people elected into office. Elected officials seem to take the path of least resistance because its the easiest thing to do. There has to be someone who will go against the grain!!