Saturday, June 14, 2008

Elected Kings Seek Control of Industry

As recently as the past year, Mexico conceded that their nationalization of their oil industry via Pemex, had been a financial fiasco. All around the world, nationalization of industries is viewed as a means of controlling costs, but in reality it is a way of insuring failure. Without any way of giving valid return for exploration and work, the industry fails. Right now, those workers who work on off-shore rigs are highly compensated for the important and dangerous work that they do. An oil industry run by our government will return the profits to government, lower the wages of these workers and will never ever EVER give anything close to the fiscal and economic relief projected by Washington careerists.

Yet, if you will read here, there are people in Washington who are taking their signals from the failed economic engine of the European Union and trying to piece together a means of usurping and absorbing our nations oil companies. So then what is next? Con-Agra certainly makes a nice profit with the soaring prices of food. Nestle does the same. So will that be the next wave? And after that, when government control has brought efficiency and profitability to a halt, and food supplies drop, government can ration food to make sure we dont' get too fat. Come on folks, this is basic stuff. We are not a collectivist nation, but people who claim to represent us are headed in that very direction.

Vote them out. They have been there too long. They have held too much power and been far too well compensated. You want to talk about an industry that takes more than it gives? Just look to Washington-where tax dollars go and where the money goes to serve THEIR best interests, not ours.


texasgal2 said...

Our Constitution was designed so the government was ruled by the people, not the government ruling the people.

Just how far does America have to sink into the abyss before people wake up and see what is happening to us?

Ellen K said...

As I recall, part of the agreement for statehood is that we could retain our right to stay unified or break apart into five pieces. Right now, with the way things are headed, I am all for Texas independence.